Wedding Music



Every wedding is different, but there are many key elements where music normally features.

Before the service
As your guests arrive at the venue, full of anticipation and perhaps some nerves, some gentle background music helps to easy those nerves and set the scene. Many clients are happy to leave the choice of music to the musicians but, of course, you can specify if you wish. Generally some soothing classical music is a good choice.

The music played while the bride walks down the aisle is often the most important decision on the musical front. This announces to everyone the arrival of the bride and the beginning of the wedding ceremony. 

For church weddings the musicians can accompany the singing of hymns.

Signing of Register
The signing of the register can take a bit of time and this legal requirement sometimes takes place in a separate room. Music can help maintain a sense of ceremony at this point in proceedings. At the planning stages it is important to decide if you want this music to be simple background music, or if it is to be a performance. If it is to be a performance, it is prudent to make your guests aware of this by detailing this in the order of service and also by announcing the music on the day.

Finally, as you walk back down the aisle, the recessional music declares to all that you are now a married couple. Something uplifting, joyous and celebratory is normally suitable.

Drinks Reception and Photographs
There is usually a period of time after the service and before the wedding breakfast where drinks are served and photographs are taken. Background music at this time helps to entertain guests and generally gives a backdrop to the day. Choice of repertoire here is often left to the musicians within certain guidelines, and may be of a more relaxed nature.

Wedding Breakfast
Many couples choose a specific piece of music to be played as they are announced at the wedding breakfast.

There are lots of other opportunities to incorporate music into your special day: music for the receiving line; music for cutting the cake; the first dance; as the bride and groom depart.